Same Moon

Just came back to Kamloops. I stepped out into my backyard and saw the same moon I saw days previous in Tokyo, but now further along in its cycle. If it’s a full moon in ...

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Autumn Letter

This film presents autumn scenes filmed around Seoul in November 2007, particularly on the walking trails of Namsan Mountain in central Seoul. A lot of the footage comes from the day I spent hanging around ...

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Shinjuku Station One Minute

Shinjuku Station, in central Tokyo, is said to be the busiest train station in the world. In 2007, the station was used by an average of 3.64 million passengers per day. The station has more ...

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Warehouse Halloween

These are some excerpts from the Halloween party at the warehouse. I just taped together a bunch of 10-15 second clips from my camera in an attempt to leave behind a document from the night. ...

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Education and Revolution

I made this for a school project in the M.Ed program I’m enrolled in now at Thompson Rivers University in Canada. We’d done a bunch of readings related to education and power, so I plumbed ...

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Shibuya Sunday Morning

In Tokyo, the last train’s around midnight. Taxi costs are extortionate. But clubs and bars stay open until 5 AM (or later), when the train service resumes. On weekend mornings, there’s a rush hour in ...

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Woman of the Sea

Footage of Jeju Island, its waterfalls, waves, and diving woman set to the music of Jet Echo’s “Nizium.” (myspace.com/jetecho) Most of the footage was recorded in June 2001 on a rainy day with my old ...

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The Future is China

I made this video for a video contest that had “Future” as its loose theme. I contemplated the future, and saw RED. This is the result. On a technical note, the video was made using ...

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