Pacific Resistance (intro)

This is the original introductory sequence for my Pacific Resistance project (a collection of about 40 short films). I want to revisit this project and re-edit it sometime soon, since I really didn’t know how ...

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Donam-dong Studio

Here is my studio setup in my Donam-dong apartment, a cozy little area not too far from central Seoul. My place is a tiny one-room place on the 2nd floor. At bedtime, I wheel away ...

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Birds in a Harbor

A photo remix by DoAn Forest. A friend, Youki Cropas, had taken a series of photos of birds in a harbor in Istanbul. Played in a slideshow, the photo sequence was hypnotizing. I asked for ...

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Water and lines

I filmed several minutes of water textures and surfaces in the Hiroshima Peace Garden. It’s been a few years, and I can no longer recall the exact significance of the water works. I love these ...

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Genbaku Dome

Here is the Genbaku Dome at night. It was over this building that the atom bomb detonated in Hiroshima on August 6th, 1945, killing over 70,000 people instantly. While the surrounding area was completely devastated, ...

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Let Lafcadio Hearn Be The Judge

This electronic sign was filmed in front of the Shimane prefectural office. The basic message is: “Takeshima Island belongs to Japan.” The island is known as Dokdo in Korea. Koreans insist the islands belong to ...

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Moon Over Osaka

Somewhere on a mountain above Osaka. The moonlit night. The white glow of the city. The moon follows me everywhere on this trip. I love the tree. It somehow makes it clear I’m in an ...

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Kamakura 5 X 5

A 5 X 5 (five scenes, five seconds) arrangement of scenes from Kamakura, Japan, filmed in March 2005. It starts with a camera pan through a sakura tree, a view of the giant Buddha, and ...

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Tokyo Lit Like The Moon

I hear it said that Tokyo looks like the moon. I think the reason this gets said is its abundant silver lighting. Walking through central Tokyo in the semi-quiet middle of the night makes me ...

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