Video: DoAn Forest Music: “MoNSooN.” – a song from the album MeMoRieS FRoM THe FuTuRe. by mÌиdT૦UcHbE▲Ts. made in September 2012 About this video: I found myself fascinated by this bucket standing alone on this ...

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Melancholy Lights

Melancholy Lights from DoAn Forest on Vimeo. (EDIT MORE LATER) About the video: I juxtaposed footage from 1939 World Fair, bombings of Hiroshima/Germany, and a 1946 atomic test. The background is a projection of the ...

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Sun Through

About the Video: Credits: Music by: Stu Reed 50% of the shots in this video are my own; the other 50% are from the Getty archive of stock footage (most notably, the shot of the ...

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Butterfly Haiku

“Butterfly …What dreams does it see, Fanning its wings?” – A 17th century haiku by Chiyo-ni combined with some 21st century butterfly footage.

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Fill The Screen With Screens

Tried to fill the screen of my video camera with as many screens as I could fit in. Managed to squeeze in 12 screens – an old rear-projection TV, another cathode-ray TV, three computers, an ...

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Art for Wasps

I’d had these freeze-pops in the freezer for ages with no intention of eating them and an empty frame, which I’d been intending for ages to try to make a random, melting painting. With one ...

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