Cool Bicycle Number 2

A few months back, I took a sweet shot of a guy with a kitted out bicycle along the trail of Han River Tributary: raddest bike in Korea. Well, there must be a trend here ...

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Experience Nature

After the week on Miyako Island, I passed through the Okinawa main island for a night, where I visited my Okinawan karate teacher’s home. The suggestion was made that I join one of my ‘senpai’ ...

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Women on horses

Was sitting in a plaza in front of the new iPark Mall at Yongsan Station in central Seoul. The large video screen, which are ubiquitous in Seoul, continually played this footage of Western women in ...

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Dead Turtle in Han River

If I knew Buddhist scripture or Chinese mythology, I think there would be a really good quotation to describe this turtle. One watches it, wondering where its soul is, what sort of journey its spirit ...

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Yellow Wind in Seoul

Set up my camera for a time-lapse from my apartment window, and it turned out to be a pretty epic day for the yellow wind storms from China. Glad I didn’t have to go anywhere ...

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The Perils of Dogsitting

Been doing a lot of dog-sitting lately. It’s a love/hate relationship. Here’s what happened when Mocha got into the room I’ve been staying in – my little office/bedroom. Looks a lot like the post-typhoon footage ...

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