Autumn in the Tropics

An underwater electronic meltdown filmed off the coast of Miyakojima Island, Okinawa, Japan in 2006. I hope this captures some of the awesome feeling of snorkeling far out from shore on a sunny day. I ...

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Experience Nature

After the week on Miyako Island, I passed through the Okinawa main island for a night, where I visited my Okinawan karate teacher’s home. The suggestion was made that I join one of my ‘senpai’ ...

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Pacific Resistance (intro)

This is the original introductory sequence for my Pacific Resistance project (a collection of about 40 short films). I want to revisit this project and re-edit it sometime soon, since I really didn’t know how ...

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Ame Agaru Onna

This video was made for the same-titled song by Chiharu Miwa (Note: I think their might be a group name, which I’ll find out when I get the chance.) It was made on Miyako island ...

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The Restless Sea

Leaving Okinawa tomorrow. It felt intense standing on this cliff above the Okinawa Peace Memorial Museum. The sky was heavy and near to rain, the beach looking dark, the waves coming in steady one after ...

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The usual route

Dec. 11th :4:30PM – some park on Okinawa Honto – There’s all kinds of species of trees. A cloudy day that cleared up and is again becoming cloudy. There won’t be any sunset tonight – ...

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