Drift Speaking (Jet Echo Video)

Video for Jet Echo’s “Drift Speaking.” I’d had footage of them playing different venues in Seoul, and they went on a tour of Japan, China, and Korea. That inspired me to dig up some of ...

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MakBak live in Seoul

MakBak – 33 on the 45

MaK BaK – 33 on the 45 from DoAn Forest on Vimeo. This is a 10 minute documentary made on the occasion of MaK BaK’s debut CD launch party, which was also their last show. ...

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Bong Fire Mountain

Made in Seoul in 2006. Music by Jet Echo (myspace.com/jetecho). Words by Jack Quin. Video by DoAn Forest. The audio has the sample, “The train for Bong-hwa-san is now arriving.” The word “bong” can’t really ...

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Game of Life

Music credit: “Game of Life” by Goldtea About the video: I first met Goldtea hanging out in Itaewon, an area of Seoul where there are about as many ex-pats as there are Koreans. Somehow, the ...

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Han River VJ Demo

This video was done simply as an experiment in syncing together a music keyboard powered by the Logic music software with my Arkaos VJ software. I could load the still images into Arkaos, and then ...

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Rolling With Sam

Sam goes to the science museum and the day gets remixed. How this came about is my friend Ryan Gerard took the student he was tutoring to a science museum. When he came by my ...

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Flowfest 2006 – “Irie Days”

Set to the music of Seafran’s (a French DJ/musician living in Seoul: myspace.com/seafran/) “Irie Days,” this is a video recap of Flowfest 2006, a music festival which took place in Gangchon, South Korea in June ...

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