Echoic Memories: 2013 in 365 Seconds

About this Video:

Looking at this video after making it, it’s amazing to think that it can almost trigger a year’s worth of experiences in me as I watch it. As for the viewer, I hope he or she might at least get a sense of a random Seoul person’s life in 2013. And, for my daughters, who were born this year, I hope one day they’ll appreciate this look into their father’s daily life in the year they were born.
My guiding rules for this video are:
– a timeline of 365 seconds representing the 365 days of the year
– to chronologically arrange videos true to their metadata
– to keep original sound (though, through J-edits or L-edits, the sound of one video may replace that of another)
– to not let any video clip run for more than five seconds
– when there is black space, it indicates that I didn’t have any video recorded to fill the missing time

Starting the year with a pregnant wife, and then having twins born prematurely in the spring, I’ve obviously had a lot on the go this year. As such, it is my only video project of 2013 (aside from the many videos I make for my ongoing video dictionary project at