Sun Through

About the Video:


Music by: Stu Reed

50% of the shots in this video are my own; the other 50% are from the Getty archive of stock footage (most notably, the shot of the dancer comes from the stock archive). For the sake of a contest, I was given access to that huge library. Needless to say, some stellar works were created, and this particular video got lost in the shuffle. I can live with that; I was just happy to get to browse and download from that archive.

Here’s the full description of the video that went with the contest entry:

“From the earliest days of cinema until now, the image of the sun shining through trees is a much featured shot. It could indicate travel from A to B, the soul trying to escape the woods, restless longings, or the brain cutting in and out. The sun-through shot is quintessentially cinematic, with its flickering tension of light and dark. Video artist DoAn Forest has acquired a rather large collection of sun-through shots, and access to Getty Images provided the chance to smoothly link all this footage together. Here, the sun’s bursts get locked into the soaring melody, a melody which finally gave these stray shots a purpose, provided by musician Stu Reed.”

Of additional note, in case it is not totally obvious, I was really trying to make the sun bursts time with the music – not an easy task, and I became increasingly less careful about this as the editing went on. But, here I’ll embed the first test sequence of this idea: