Gimpo Sculpture Park – 김포국제조각공원

A Korean friend happens to live down the hill from this impressive off-the-beaten track garden of sculptures. Located on the hill above a small town in Gimpo and in sight of North Korea, the garden’s leaflet states that the works shown here are based on the theme of reunification. I’d been here twice before seeing the leaflet, and hadn’t looked at the works through the lens of reunification. Most recently, I was here shortly before dusk on a cold December day. What few other people that were here were the typical exercising people you see on every Korean mountain. I like walking, too, and these sculptures seemed to attain such vitality, as I myself felt the vitality that comes with walking fast to stay warm. The park has at least 28 sculptures, made by sculptors across Korea, Japan, Europe, and America.
I present here a few of the works.