Soul Patch Live at Vaughn 4.0

Soul Patch – live excerpt from DoAn Forest on Vimeo.

This is footage from the birthday party of Vaughn Warren, a Kamloops-area artist, who organized the warehouse parties (amongst tonnes of other stuff) which I VJed at a few years back. He gave me the call to VJ again. Soul Patch, a legendary Kamloops live act, played a reunion show. I love it when I have the chance to VJ for a live act. My VJ booth was located conveniently above the stage, and I pointed my camera at the stage, while effecting it and other footage through my VJ mixer and setup. I loved how it came together at times. I took a few excerpts and taped them together to make this video. In all the multitasking I was doing, I didn’t get around to changing the tape in the camera, so no other footage from the night.
It was an awesome party. Happy birthday, Vaughn!
Check out the flyer, too: