Paralympics Opening Ceremonies

A month before, I watched the Vancouver Olympics opening ceremony, and was awestruck by some of the projections, such as the whale swimming along the stadium floor with actual water coming from its blowhole. For a bargain price of $30, I was able to get a seat for the Paralympics Opening Ceremony – I made the mistake of assuming I wouldn’t be able to bring in a camera – I could have get a lot of good footage, but instead all I got was this low-quality iPhone film. There were a lot of awesome projections, some of which I show in the brief clip above. Particularly impressive were these balloon/spheres that drifted across the stadium floor with images being projected onto them.
Using a 3D design program (Kinemac), I wanted to see if I could achieve something similar. This is just a practice test, but the results aren’t bad – five ascending spheres with looping images on them: