Urban Lights – LACMA, LA

I visited the Urban Lights installation outside the LACMA museum in Los Angeles. As I walked around it, I had the idea that I could do a mock-up of it in the software Motion. So, that’s what this is – basically, a challenge to myself to create something similar to the Urban Lights within my software. Just took a couple hours – couldn’t really find good-quality images of old lights, but didn’t look very hard either. In no way, did I try to be exact in matching the exact type of light or number, just wanted to very loosely and quickly set up some lights in a similar fashion using a replicator. The actual sculpture has more than 200 lights with 17 different types of light used.

Here’s some raw footage of the actual sculpture site (by Chris Burden, 2008):

There’s a very good multimedia presentation of this sculpture, which I downloaded at this page: