Roots and Routes

This narrative documentary follows my Grandpa and I on a journey across America. Against the backdrop of 19th and 21st century meta-history and North American geography, it places the life and travels of my Grandpa, a man of his times, in a bigger context. The trip takes us on a journey from my Grandpa’s ranching community in south Saskatchewan, Canada, across the border to Montana, and then on Amtrak trains through Chicago, Philadelphia, New York, and finally back to Canada.
As editor and fellow traveler, I’ve done my best to make the film relevant for both my family and for a public audience. I hope the film might have some appeal to everyone from rail enthusiasts to grade school Social Studies teachers.

The film is 30 minutes long.

It was filmed with a Canon HV-20 camera. Various archival footage was taken from and youtube. The film was edited using Final Cut Studio.