Tempest Party at the Warehouse

This video presents some excerpts from the Tempest party at the warehouse – March 1st, 2008. I just taped together a bunch of 10-15 second clips in an attempt to leave behind a document from the night. It was freezing cold that night. In the last minute of this clip, I added in the footage of a guy named Ryan doing some wicked fire spinning outside. In the background, you might be able to see the white glow of Mount Paul.
The set-up was great again. There were four big screens – two showing my visuals, and two showing automatic visualizer content. Also, take note of the awesome mandala behind the stage.
Thanks to Vinny Franchesco for the chance to VJ, Graham (How Sound) for the sound, Kyle for the lights, and all the DJs (as listed on the flyer: Danger Dan, Dope Tito, Myshell, Sean Gunn, Smurf Logic, and Wandalicious).
By the way, since this party had a Tempest theme, I tried to track down a bunch of stormy visuals: lots of lightning, flooded streets, blizzard scenes, and trees being blown over.
Again, I used the Arkaos VJ software, in conjunction with the Korg Krossfour mixer and the Kaoss Entrancer video effector.
Here’s the flyer from the party:

Also, here’s a youtube clip recorded by Sean (DJ Herbal Vegas) of DJ MyShell’s setup, which captures the party in all its wicked energy. Some of my visuals appear in this clip, but I want to mention that some of the visuals seen in the background of this particular sequence come from some automatically generated visualization software that the lights guy Kyle set up that night – I found myself switching back and forth to that, just cause my own stuff is not as timed with the music and a bit thin at this point to make it through 6-7 hours straight.