Spring at the Warehouse

These are some excerpts from the Skir party at the warehouse – March 29th, 2008. A month earlier I had VJed at the Tempest party, for which I’d prepared a bunch of bad weather visuals, so with the weather warming up, I thought I’d prepare with a spring theme for my visuals for this party. I dug up all the flowery footage I could from times when I was in Okinawa or Seoul, and also downloaded a bunch of spring-related clips at animationfactory.com
Again, I was using the Arkaos VJ software with the Kaoss Krossfour mixer and Korg Kaoss Entrancer video effector. I had a lot of fun at this party, filming the crowd and mixing in that footage. Jump ahead to about 1:58 to see what I’m talking about.
The setup was great again, with screens everywhere. The organizers made a giant butterfly hung from the ceiling – but somehow I didn’t get that on my video tape.
Anyway, the party got shut down around 4 AM after a bit of a disturbance.
This party was in a warehouse in the Mount Paul industrial park. Thanks to Vinny Franchesco for the chance to VJ, Graham (How Sound) for the sound, Kyle for the lights, and all the DJs: Smurf Logic, Sean Gunn, Danger Dan, and there were others but not listed on the flyer (as I’m writing this well after the fact, I can’t recall who was there).

Here’s the flyer: