North Pacific Gyre

This video has become my most watched video on the Internet, but it’s funny because it’s not even uploaded in my own YouTube account – somebody I don’t even know uploaded it to their YouTube account, but I don’t mind, cause it’s spreading the message. As I write this, it has about 25,000 views, a 4.5 star rating, and about 25 comments. This isn’t a popularity contest, but results like this should encourage me to make more videos along these lines.

Original Video Description: I just heard recently for the first time of the North Pacific Gyre. Apparently, it is a huge collection of floating garbage covering twice the surface area of the state of Texas. It floats in the Pacific Ocean somewhere between Hawaii and California. All the garbage there is said to weigh more than 3.5 million tonnes. The thought that something like this might exist first came to me on an isolated beach on a small island named Ikema. Ikema Island is in the island chain of Okinawa. This island chain traces a line from the southern tip of Japan to the island of Taiwan. Directly north of Ikema Island is the peninsula of Korea. Further south is the Philippines …

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