Warehouse Halloween

These are some excerpts from the Halloween party at the warehouse. I just taped together a bunch of 10-15 second clips from my camera in an attempt to leave behind a document from the night. Actually, most of this footage is excerpts from Earthbound’s live show, which got the party going, before DJs kept things moving till dawn. Check Earthbound out further at:

At about 2 minutes into this clip, I show my VJ set-up. I was nicely tucked away (but a little lonely) in the back corner, but totally stoked about the two large screens stage left and right, and also the projection on the giant cardboard skull. The room was really well-decorated. Check out the awesome moon behind the stage.

This party was in a warehouse in the Mount Paul industrial park. Thanks to Vinny Franchesco for the chance to VJ, Graham (How Sound) for the sound, Kyle for the lights, and all the DJs.

By the way, my VJ footage came from a mixture of animated halloween clipart, stock content in Motion, and a bunch of jack-o-lantern images I brazenly stole from Flickr.