Dead Turtle in Han River

If I knew Buddhist scripture or Chinese mythology, I think there would be a really good quotation to describe this turtle. One watches it, wondering where its soul is, what sort of journey its spirit is on, while its body beautifully floats reflecting the sun’s rays.

After the epic yellow-wind clouds of Saturday and Sunday cleared up, some nice weather came in. The sky and weather was amazing on Monday. I noticed that the wind was coming from a different direction than usual, seemed to be blowing more from the East to the West — so, in other words, the dirty air from China wasn’t being blown in. Under that beautiful sky, I rode my bike down the Han River, and stopped for a while along the bank. I saw this dead turtle floating in the water. My first reaction was to assume the turtle died because the river was so dirty — but of course it’s also possible that the turtle peacefully died after a long life. I wonder what species of turtle one would find in the Han River? Would there be a lot of such turtles in the river? Considering that turtles have a fairly long life expectancy, wouldn’t it be unusual to come upon one that is deceased? Do you think that the turtle died because the river is dirty? Just how dirty is the river? What other life can be found in the Han River?
These are questions that I don’t know who could answer.
Or, was this turtle simply someone’s pet? And if so, did the turtle even die in the river or was it simply thrown in here after passing?

Cycling by a few months later, I glimpsed a few kids in the same spot I saw the turtle. They seemed to be looking at something. Had the turtle come back?