England Ennui With A Price

I headed over to Nagai Stadium in downtown Osaka this afternoon where England was playing Nigeria in the World Cup. I hung around outside, amongst random Japanese wearing Beckham shirts, flirtatious and curious passerby. The Japanese media has rattled on and on about the British hooligans and the megaphone posses were there to shout out warnings incessantly – in Japanese, mind you. The game ended in a goalless draw. There’s these Mastercard ad campaigns with the ‘priceless’ slogan – well, for the England fans I saw leaving the stadium, who no doubt racked up their credit cards to get here, ‘listless’ would be a better motto. They had all the vigor filing out of the stadium as a throng of people commuting home to London suburbs after a long day of work.

I like Sylvia Plath’s game summary best with its references to ‘futures where nothing will occur’ and the ‘compelling hero’s dull career’ in crisis.