Artificial Endless Summer

Last week, I checked out the indoor ski slope, SAWSS in Chiba, for the first time — I’m talking about genuine indoor snow, not the plastic slopes I’ve heard about in England. You get this strange little mirror that you flash to pass through various gates, and they scan this mirror, when you get your rentals, when you get a drink — it’s a cashless society. Everything is organized into flows. And so many people have to rent the skiwear, so just about everyone’s wearing the same clothes, using the same snowboard. It’s 85 degrees outside, and then you walk into the biggest air conditioner you’ve ever seen in your life. There’s surely enough air being conditioned in here to keep a small African town cool. The run itself is just a joke. It’s over in 30 seconds, and then you stand in line for 10 minutes. Everywhere, Japanese pop music is playing. Little things I miss, like the odd stray log, the little bushes that line the edges of a ski slope. It’s all so fucking controlled. The ceiling is a weird shade of silvery blue, a kind of artificial night sky.
Today, I went to this water park by mistake. I thought it was an outdoor swimming pool. But it was just a bunch of kids and middle aged people soaking in all these wading pools. There was this kind of swimming pool river, flowing blue chlorine water, and all these people going around with the flow. There was these 10 minute breaks, where everyone got out of the water, so they could let the surface settle.
I was wishing for a diving board. I lied around suntanning, watching a helicopter hovering over some nearby apartments.
I fell asleep, and experienced such a peaceful awakening. I look over my shoulder and I could see these flowers, and the sun streaming through, and in that moment of disorientation, I thought I was sleeping in bed underneath a flowery sheet, and the sun was streaming in through the window. There was this music playing. And I rolled over, and everyone was gone.